Dec 5, 2011

I Refuse.

I wasn't going to post anything today...too much to do. I need to decorate, order gifts online, make food, clean, etc. You know the routine. High gear...ready, set, go. That's fine, when you're up for it. But, after 10 days of company and being on the go most of it, I am worn down.

So, today I refuse to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. No stress. Deep breaths. Eating ice cream for lunch, because I want to. Decorating the house very casually, with not much fuss. I refuse to get crazy this season.

We have ball games and special occasions to attend, and the day to day things to be done. Lambs are coming now. (Not by choice, well not my choice, more the ram's choice.) But this is a season to focus on others... and I think I will do just that. If my house isn't perfect, that's okay. We may not even put up a tree, after a family meeting of course. The boys and I just don't really care about it. Let this be our special time to share. I want to share hospitality and friendship. To share things we have that someone else may need more. To share time and to give gifts.

 I refuse anything less.


  1. I'm with you, Heather. Life's been so crazy around here, I've had to drop back and just "do the next thing." Today was a mental health day.

    I might just have ice cream for dinner.

    Kim :-)

  2. Kim, Elizabeth Elliot has saved me many a time with that little phrase! :) I miss hearing her speak and all of her mimicking of dialects and voices.