Oct 13, 2011

Why the name? ...The Whole Story.

 In the "About the name" sidebar of this blog,  I said, "God can work in all of life's surprises. Even a cow on the porch." As I was re-reading that, I remembered that day and how God used that silly, curious cow.

Sometimes our cows are fairly close to the house, but not on this day. There were no cows anywhere near the house. They were in a back field. And I was sitting at the desk, not in the best of spirits. I don't really remember why. I just know I was drug down, the way you get when your mind is working harder than your body. Too much thinking going on, and not enough action.

 Then "Clunk..clunk...clunk...clunk." 

What in the world!???

 Then this....


 Well, actually the first thing I saw was a huge head with fuzzy ears peeking in the window at me,
 but I didn't have the camera right then.

 I felt like I wanted to get mad.

 'That animal is not where it should be! What is it doing up here? blah, blah, blah.'

Then I realized it wasn't hurting a thing. And it was funny.
I ran for the camera. 

By now, I was laughing. I have no idea what made her leave the herd to come stroll on our porch. 
Maybe God knew I needed a visitor and she would do for this moment. 

And she did.

 She brightened my day.

Then she seemed to think, "Well, enough of this. Not much going on here."
 And she ate a little grass, 
then strolled back down the driveway.

Then- just a little bit later- I saw this! 

"Trouble" always has been a smart alec. 
Crazy sheep.

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