Oct 22, 2011

To Market, To Market...

Today that old nursery rhyme came to mind... 

To market, to market to buy a fat hog. 
Home again, home again
Jiggety jog...

There's a lot more to it... but that was the only part relevant to my day 
therefore, it is all that my brain thought of! 

Odd what comes back to you from years past. 

This was my fashion statement for the day. 
Because sheep will hurt your legs and step on your toes!
And jump in your face, but I am fresh out of helmets and face masks.
We just move, quickly. 
Though Dalton did make a good catch this morning.
 Got it in mid-jump.  

So the two older guys did the hard work this morning,
 before they went to work for the day.

They took these...

And put them in there...

They also pulled out some to keep back for personal sales and breed stock.

Then my assistant and I (not all the little assistants there), loaded up and went to the sale barn.
It's been two years since we sold at auction.
Hope it goes well, 
and buyers are plenty and prices are high.

They are nice animals. 
I like the St. Croix influence in the breeding.

Though ink berry purple does show up a lot more on that pretty while face.

To market, to market...

Or should it be,

Over the river and through the woods 
to grandmother's house we go...

 This is a low water bridge. There a quite a few around here. Some are much more interesting than this one and cross larger areas of water. Once Ron and I got into a squabble (that kinda sounds more cozy than reality) about crossing a  river with a low water bridge. I won and we did not cross in our 15 passenger van. But the victory was not pretty, and we are still alive. (I love you, hunny.)

Joel and I are mid-bridge here. Cool isn't it? 

It's just when there's been lots of rain, you need a plan B. 

And don't find a lovely little spot to build your dream home between two low water bridges with no other way out. We've noticed this. I imagine it would be something you wish you had realized before. Especially during some of the incredible rainy seasons. Just look at how high this creek has gotten this year.
 See how the bank has been cut away.

Almost home... we can see the neighbor's.

We see a lot of these signs. 
They mean it.
Guard rails are rare. 

The driveway is looking good... 

That old gravel eats up the tires, but it sure looks homey.

The End

Thanks for sharing our day! 

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