Oct 13, 2011

Painless Cinnamon Rolls

The reason for the title here is these are so easy to make. However, the title may be a little deceiving because they are so good you tend to kinda pig out. Then you feel the pain later, when you are squeezing into your clothes. But they are good, and they are easy and they make your loved ones love you just a little bit more! The Pioneer Woman is my homemaking hero (I can empathize with the way she also deals with livestock on her porch!) and this is her recipe. I see no need to repeat all of her work typing, so in the spirit of keeping it simple click here for the recipe. Enjoy!

Cinnamon rolls baking in the oven remind me of a car ride with children, 
the difference being that instead of hearing 
"Are we there yet?" the constant question is
 "Are they done yet?"

If the icing is looking a bit pale, it's because it was. I was out 
of anything maple flavored and out of vanilla! And you know what you can 
substitute for vanilla. Vanilla bean. Fresh out of that too. Thus, the icing lacks the 
golden brown color and a tad of flavor on this particular morning.

But don't worry, I made sure it was still edible. 
That comes with the territory of being the cook, you know.

Voila! Something for the kids to eat and be all sugared up so
I can tell them to stop messing around and get back to the books!

(And thank you to Joel, our 11 year old photographer, who endured the
 tormenting from his brother while trying to take pictures. It was a good idea Joel! )


  1. Bookmarked that reipe! I'm so glad to see they have no calories!

    Did you make the whole batch? I'm wondering if pans could be frozen...


  2. Kim, I only made half the batch today. But, if you want to refrigerate left over dough you can do that too. It works well to use a couple days later. Ideally, like you said, making them all up, then freezing, sounds like the best choice! (P.W. uses way too much butter for me! I only use half of what she says to melt and spread over the rolled dough before sprinkling on the cinn. and sugar.) Enjoy:)