Oct 17, 2011

Bull Shoals and Glade Top Trail

The Goal- A day away from basic responsibilities, plus time to relax and enjoy the scenery.

The Budget- About half a tank of gas (in a Suburban, that is not really a small amount) and about $25 bucks for food.       

The Route- Highway 5 South to Ava, catch Glade Top Trail just off of 5 south of Ava (look for signs), meander the trail for an hour, hour and a half. From it wind back around to route 5. Continue south on rt. 5  to Gainesville. Make a right on rt.160 at Gainesville, make a left on 5 south to 178. Make a right on rt. 178 and the Bull Shoals visitor's center is right across Bull Shoals dam. There may be more scenic routes to take, this one does have some pretty views. (And Always, take a map. In these areas cell reception is poor and it can be easy to get lost.) 

Scenery along rt. 5 in southern Missouri. 

And into Arkansas... many of the homes are pretty simple out in the country. This one was a garage and living space all in one. Often people choose the simple over going into debt for building costs. No building codes outside of town (in most counties) make building what you can afford possible.
 But that can be a good thing, or a bad thing. 

                        Up over the hill and there is Bull Shoals Lake. The blue water is so pretty.

Before crossing the dam, there is a park with a little playground and picnic tables. 
Our packed lunch tasted even better out in the sunshine.

We didn't know at the time, but the Bull Shoals Dam  does give tours. From the displays and movie in the visitor's center we learned how the dam operates, but a tour would be great! 
Definitely on the list for next time.

We drove across the dam to get to the visitor's center.

At the visitor's center...
(See how happy Jake is to have to stop for a picture!)
I did not get any photos inside on this trip, but  there are some great displays of the wildlife, marine life, and more. They also show a good movie about the history of the area and the how and why of the lake's construction. And there is a nice gift shop. 

This is the lake again at a distance.
 Did you know it has 1,000 miles of shoreline and world record fishing!

A bit down the road...(I'd have to ask my husband exactly where...so I'll add that later.)
We took  the Peel Ferry back across Bull Shoals to head back home. 

It was a cool addition to our day trip.

Not the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, but she'll do. Growing up on the east coast, the ferry we saw the most  looks more like a cruise ship. And is pretty pricey too.
This one was free.  

All aboard!

And we took a leisurely ride across. 

Pretty fun!

Cool! We're in a car on the water.

Land Ho! We made it!

Now this is Glade Top Trail...This day we took it on the way home. 
The sun was getting low and it was pretty.

Ahh, so beautiful.

This might be poison for all I know, but I thought it was pretty.

And that was our little day trip.

 We left around 12:30 and were back at Pizza Hut by 7 p.m.
A good day!

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