Oct 14, 2011

Piles and Praise

Good morning world. It's with a period today. Not and exclamation mark. Flat and sober. I'm just not really feeling it, you know? The sun is shining, the leaves are beautiful, the kids are healthy, the husband is in a good mood, and me... Blah. I have been on my knees this morning. Still... Blah. Prayer did help, but the heaviness remains.

We're like that sometimes. Everything is good around us, not perfect by any means, but good.  Life has been piling up and we feel we are under the pile instead of on top of it. Despite the troubles, there are still things to be thankful for. Seldom can we not find some things, many things actually, to be thankful for. But, like me this morning, we can get drug down. I can forget to look around and take the time to notice all the good things. Or I may notice, but not do anything about it.

Typing this, I remember the best remedy of all. Guess what? It's not Prozac. It is PRAISE. Praising God. When we lift him up, we are pulled along. I can't explain it. I can't explain gravity either. But it works. So, before the men get back from moving the cattle, and before we all  pile in the Suburban to go on a road trip I've been looking forward to for weeks...I am going to start praising God. And I plan to praise Him all the day, whenever I see the beautiful colors, when I look at my children, when I look at my husband, when we sit down to eat our ham sandwiches at lunch and every opportunity I can find I will praise the Lord.

I hope you will remember to do the same when you feel that your are under the pile instead of being on top of it!

Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalms 150:6

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