Apr 1, 2014

"What was that again?"

It's quiet here. The boys are all out working. Sigh. I like the quiet, sometimes. Sometimes, it's lonely. I was working in the kitchen and thinking of this morning; I woke at 4-something a.m. So many thoughts went through my head. Good thoughts. The kind you know you'll remember; they're that huge. Then your feet hit the floor and it begins, and hours later you think, "What was that again?" And it's muddled and muted, and gone.

That's how it is. We get lazy. I should have gotten up and written it down, but the bed was warm. How many opportunities we miss because we are comfortable or we are just doing what we're supposed to be doing at the time. When God brings an opportunity, go for it! Start the day with a prayer of, "Help me, Dear Lord, to serve you. Help me to do, and get through, whatever you bring my way today." He will help you and you will recognize the opportunities not as interruptions. It maybe an opportunity to clean your laundry room floor because the washer overflowed,  or some other thing that would otherwise seem to be a disaster. Or it could be a chance to encourage someone, even when you don't feel much like it. Maybe it's taking time to rub your spouse's feet or play a game with your kids. So many good things. We need to act before the chances are muddled, muted and gone.
Do you ever think about how the rain is an opportunity for a rainbow?!

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