Jan 17, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Tonight when we arrived home from the boys' basketball game at 11 p.m., I went to clean our "stuff" out of the Suburban. As I grabbed my full, large cup of soda from McDonalds, it struck me it was now an empty cup and I did not drink it. Something had hit the straw and it pushed through the styrofoam. The soda ran out the bottom of the cup all under the floor mat. (Don't worry dear, I cleaned it up. It will be good as new after daylight comes tomorrow.)

Then I decided that some lambs needed to be checked on. I hadn't planned to do that, but felt it was needed. As soon as we got down there, I saw a twin that looked weak, and sure enough by the time we got it to the house Joel thought it had died. When I put the warm bottle nipple in its mouth it sucked and sucked. The poor thing hadn't had much nourishment since it was born yesterday.

Sometimes its hard to tell how much milk they are getting. You just have to watch the quiet ones closely.
(When  lamb hunches its back its a good sign to keep an eye on it.)

After the little one ate, its heart rate came back up, then I put it to bed with the "babysitter." 
 Hershey, of course. 

She licks them and loves them. 
Tomorrow, if the little one gets stronger, she'll go back in with mama.

So, with that done. It's time for bed... and what to my surprised eyes does appear, but a very naughty beagle who has been in trouble for sneaking in and laying on the couch. 

Apparently, he's very smart. He ran past the living room tonight and remained undiscovered longer...
...on our bed!
I whacked him with a throw pillow after Dylan and I were done laughing at him.
Now, Goodnight all!! 

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