Jan 4, 2012

"Homeschooling" As We Know It

Day one of return to homeschooling after our Christmas break:
After our "school time" was over, while my groggy husband was recovering from waking at 2:30 in the afternoon, I went to him frustrated, "I cannot get so and so out of bed, and by the time we are all in the same room to begin school, someone tells me that they have farm work to do, and, and..."  He wisely said, "If they won't get out of bed, drag them out." And he said, "Get them up extra early to get the work done before school." Hmmm. I had already though of that, but had no commitment to doing it until after my pity party was done. Then, there was no where left to turn except to fix it or forget it. I was not going to forget it, that makes them lazy and irresponsible, and makes me grouchy. So, I'd best get resolved to fix it.

Day 2 of this week of schooling:
His tail has almost grown back,
after being attacked earlier this fall.
Everyone fed and dressed appropriately for the public by 7:45 a.m. and ready for farm work. Two boys handle the the breaking of ice for the sheep, looking for new lambs and any other sheep maintenance needing to be done. They also feed the rooster. (I like that rooster. He thinks he's a sheep because he's the lone chicken here right now, and he's funny.) Those two were out the door. The other two boys are responsible for moving cows, as we rotational graze, and feeding the dogs. As they headed out, I heard, "The farm truck is out of gas." (Translation- this means they will be absent from school for a couple of hours if they have to walk.) Okay, I can get frustrated, which changes nothing, or fix it. One kid feeds dogs, the other goes with me to town for gas and other feed store items for the sheep (salt, mineral and the like). Shew, we got it done. All done. The new lambs taken care of, the cows moved, the sheep salted, and back in the house by 9:30 to start book learning. Ag class was done. Everyone got an "A."

One of the Ag teachers.
Day 3:
All up, fed, dressed, chores done and back in the house by 9:15 a.m. Yes! They worked hard, got done and now have time for things they'd rather be doing. Like this.

Joel went on a "Civil War hike." 
Homeschooling is fun. It's great to be together as family all day long. Here at the start of the new year, I am re-organizing, re-planning, reviewing and really having a hard time making myself do those things. I just want to get down to business, not figure it all out.  It is not natural for me, nor easy. I am a go-to gal. I want to get up and get going on something I like to do, something artsy and creative. But, if I see my time with my kids as an investment, I can do it. I'm gonna fix it, (fix me and them) and not forget it! By the grace of God, with prayer and perseverance we will all come out better and have a good, productive year!

My buddy, Trouble, and her twins

"Triple Trouble"

Soft, warm, cuddly and harmless. Raising sheep is great!

Masonry class...they're getting an "A."
That is real, heavy, creek rock, not faux stone. 

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