Nov 1, 2011

Emotions~ An Analogy.

I got on the computer at 2:30 this morning. Yes, a.m. We all experience times of laying in bed in the middle of the night with our thoughts getting the best of us, and doing us no good whatsoever. 
Tonight that was me. 

I woke, pondering the hurt I am trying to get over. You know how it is,  you should forgive, and you really seem like you have, but things just won't go away. It is not settled. 



A small word with a whallop. 


Strike or hit (someone or something) very hard: "they walloped the back of his head".

Yep. They can feel just like that. 

I am visual, so here is  what healthy emotions look like to me... 

Joy shining,

 Laughter rippling,

Even in the midst of a cold day.


Drawing others into your scene.

That's the ideal.

But then, someone is unkind, unthoughtful, rude, selfish,
 or worse 

...and things get to churning. 


Sometimes they're slow;  you feel a wave coming. 
You try to sort it out. 

Sometimes, they're like going over a waterfall.  Swoosh! And you're gone.
(and some body's gonna get it.) 

The problem with second one is when you go over the waterfall, you take others with you. 
You may swim to shore and dry off after the fall.
 But you may just leave others on the shore gasping for breath. 
You go on your way, not looking back. 

People do that sometimes. 

Not very pretty is it?

This was me yesterday. 

This was me last night. 

This will be me today. Because I will not be ruled by emotions.
I can choose to forgive. 

Just remember, when someone forgives, it does not mean they forget. A person may not remember each offence, but they will remember to be careful with their heart. To enable total forgetting, trust needs to be restored. 

Chances are if you've taken someone over a waterfall, they will be a lot less likely to get back in the boat with you!! 

At least not without one foot on the land.

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  1. Great word picture, Heather! I think we all start stewing inside when we're hurt... if I could only remember to take every thought captive, and forgive and forget, instead of letting things boil over! That waterfall analogy will be a help!

    Kim :-)