Nov 3, 2011

Totally Random~

...just airing out the mind.

As a young person, I remember thinking that older people were always wiser and that being intellectual was important. Now I am without doubt that wisdom is the greatest thing.

  Many people are filled with years of living, or with knowledge, or both, 
 and without a drop of wisdom.  
Yet, there many uneducated people touching lives because they are smart in the areas that matter most. 

~ * ~

Isn't that cool? I don't know how I got that shot, but I like it.
 How does God keep that old moon just hanging there? 

These are begging me to paint them. Aren't they wonderful?
I have an old milk can, a really big one on the porch. They would look great on it.
The thought of painting excites me.
Creating texture and working with color.
Colors are wonders in themselves. 

Speaking of color...whoa. 

 I'm repeating myself, but I like texture and's fun! 
 Look at this thistle plant. How much fun did the creator have making all the plants and animals on this earth?
 I only see a smidgen here in Missouri, and I am in awe. I can't create anything. Only copy. 

Man, oh, man. Isn't it great?!
 Aerodynamic and beautiful. 

These wildflowers are so delicate and peaceful. 
They remind me to be gentle.

Amazing little creatures! 
Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.
If you can, listen to them threaten you with their little twitters sometime... 
just stand too close to their food. 
Good bye little hummers, see you in the springtime.

The promise.
 If you don't know God's Word...the rainbow was His promise to Noah.
 He put a bow in the sky as a promise to never flood the whole earth again. 
There's a double promise in this photograph! 

All of God's creation speaks something. When I really look and listen, it ignites a passion for life and living. 
 Did you ever notice that sharing your passions makes them stronger? 

Hope you didn't mind my random sharing.

~The End~

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