Nov 4, 2011

Extreme Makeover- Mailbox Edition

When we moved here to small town, mid-west, U.S.A., our address came with the option to use this abandon mailbox from a vacant house that looked worse than the mailbox. Ron was sorta for it; I was grossed out. So he put in a nice, standard black box. 
But every time we got a package, there was a note in the clean mailbox to get the package out of the gross mailbox. So, after Ron's suggesting (several times over the last few years), today we had Extreme Makeover- Mailbox edition. 

The exterior of the mailbox before...

This is what we started with. The old mailbox suffered from a rotten, bug infested "foundation." There were bullet holes allowing the water in the mailbox and all sorts of other problems that were not conducive to a healthy environment for our mail. 

The interior...eeww. Just EEEEEWWW.

First we demolished the old structure.
 Explosives would have been desired by my volunteers, but I didn't give the option.
Old mailbox on the ground so we could redo its foundation; taking down of our current mailbox in progress. 

New foundation going on, using the giant bolts from the previous box.
 They got the job done.

My tool box- don't be critical. I am a woman. 
 I'm not sure where the football comes in. 

Old mailbox remounted. I also used painters caulk and filled in the bullet holes.

Next we put cement into the ground around the bottom of the post. 
The old post was solid, but leaned backward. 

Then the paint crew came in. The volunteers did not agree with the designer's choice of  color, but were assured when they have their own home someday, their mailbox can be whatever color they like.

We also put rock around the base to hold her steady while the cement set.
 Then we decided to put rock all the way around the base and leave it. 

Next the old box got some dressing up.

Jake spray painted the inside. 

Although this project had a rough start because teen boys think that mom knows nothing about man things like building or fixing anything, they were humbled and we had fun. 

The old girl is still in rough shape, but it's a rural mailbox. 
I don't care about the roughness. The thing is probably 50 years old.

It really is straight. The picture is crooked. 
And the post needs some staining another day, when I have stain.

But, I am thrilled with the results. And the boys had to admit, 
though they would rather have blue flames,
 it is nice.

Surprise, Mr. Mailman!

Welcome home, Wright family mail.
 Welcome Home! 


  1. That looked like fun!
    The new mail box looks great.
    you should leave a treat for Mr. Mailman.

  2. Thanks...It was a fun process! You know, I thought about leaving him a treat, too. I suppose that confirms I need to do it!

  3. I love finding joy in the simple things of life. Now I bet whenever you get the mail you feel happy no matter how many bills are inside:)