Nov 19, 2011

Venison Sage Sausage

Venison Sage Sausage

6  pounds trimmed venison 
1  pound pork fat (our local grocer gives away 10# packages of pork trimmings for free)
5 Tbsp. kosher or pickling salt
1 Tbsp. ground white pepper ( black works fine also)
2  Tbsp. rubbed sage
1  tsp. ginger
1  Tbsp. ground nutmeg
1 Tbsp. ground Thyme
1  Tbsp. crushed red pepper (optional)
1 pint ice water

Grind meat well. (Sometimes it takes two grindings to get meat finely ground and the fat mixed in throughly.) 
Mix spices and stir into ice water. Be sure salt dissolves well.
Pour over ground meat and mix.
When you think you're done mixing, mix 5 minutes more. Be thorough. 

Lastly, I fry a sausage patty (Never over high heat! Lean, grass fed meats need lower heat. High heat will dry them out and make them taste bad.) Cook slowly using medium heat and do not overcook. 
Taste test your sausage and add more seasonings according to your taste, if necessary. 

Makes 10 lbs. 


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