Nov 21, 2011

The Little Brother Football Game- 2011

Last Saturday, we hosted a home-schoolers' football game. This was a great way to spend an afternoon doing something the boys would enjoy, and it cost us nothing. Just some popcorn for sustanance- homemade Kettle Korn, and homemade cheese popcorn. Easy.

 The idea was for the big boys to get together, grunt, spit, get dirty and see who was the "top dog," as big boys like to do, but in the midst of it all we ended up with a bunch of younger brothers.

 Hence a game of younger players went on alongside the older boys' game. While Ron looked after the older boys, it was my job to keep the younger game in line, and take some fun pictures in the process! 

The huddle of Team Super Hero.

Run Caleb run!
 The big ones did a fabulous job of making the little one feel very BIG!

And Team Super Hero throws...

This is Team Hugger. Well, at least two of them. 
After a while, the one in blue shirt was traded to the Super Hero team and the more 
gentle spirited Super Hero player was traded to team Hugger. LOL! 
That was NOT a good idea. Super Heroes and Huggers need to be mixed to keep a balanced team.

Looking for the interception!


Warrior face! Wow.

Happy face! Sweet victory.

Hence the name, "Team Super Hero." 
(The one on the end was traded to the "Hugger" team.) 
He could be on my team any day, I love those Huggers. :)
NOTE: I did not actually call them these names. Their differences were apparent during the game, but the names just came to me as I went over the photos! 

This one is blurry, but I love the expressions.

Tackled and lovin' every minute of it!

Comin' Through!

 Not too many boys would say this is a bad thing.
 Pretty cool whether you're on the top or bottom of the pile.

 They're tough looking, if I do say so! 
Most importantly, a great afternoon was had by all.

 And this is the littlest player, who loves leaves. 

During the game, a pile of leaves easily caught his attention.

We grown-ups miss out on these simple pleasures.

The End.
Oh, yeah.

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